mike2“Northern everyday life made silly,”

Full to the brim with down to earth Northern charm, Mike takes a bemused glance at the world and then throws it a smile. The laughs come thick and fast with Wilkinson’s dry humour and razor sharp wit.

On leaving school Mike worked at the legendary mixer manufacturer Amek in Salford (He actually wired the desk part of The Joshua Tree was recorded on!) After running his own 16 track studio for years he wandered into the interesting world of stand up comedy. Gigging in the Far East. Middle East. Isle of Man and Wigan and all over the UK. Mike has written for TV and other ‘large tour’ comics. He has written a mix of comedy/ drama, sit com and film scripts.
Mike is also an accomplished pianist and guitarist and enjoys composing  he wrote the music for the Britons Protection.

TV, Radio & Theatre

  • Gagging For It – Granada
  • Live From Albert Dock – Mersey TV
  • Running Late – BBC
  • Macbeth – Bolton Octogon
  • Charlie Chuck is a Scrooge – The Edinburgh Festival ’02


“relaxed and confident stage presence” – John Murphy, The Last Laugh
“excellent” – Marissa Burgess, City Life

Edinburgh 2014

Music, Speech and the Sound of a Wheelbarrow

Comdedian Mike Wilkinson

As a kid I would drop the stylus on the vinyl and wait for the music to begin. The crackle of static meant nothing but sheer anticipation and excitement. The theme from Van Der Valk blew my mind. Although the static now has gone and my musical tastes have moved on from The Simon Park Orchestra the excitement still remains. Everyone has a favourite song, recording or tune. It never ceases to amaze me on how we can hear a song probably not have heard it for years and recall the lyrics verbatim. Music has been in my life from a very early age.

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